In the time-honored tradition of North Carolina and Texas Barbecue – featuring Whole Beef Brisket & Tender Pulled Pork – we set out to recreate the rustic flavors of our native hometown by commissioning our own antiquarian smoker, custom-built to exacting standards and based on a tried-and-true design from a time when people crafted tools from materials close at hand. Fashioned from steel tanks and found parts, our smoker – forged in Asheville – provides the ideal workshop to prepare and share our craft. 

With each cook, every brisket and pork butt is hand-rubbed with an all-natural spice mix – cobbled from scratch – before it’s lovingly roasted and carefully smoked to achieve a depth of flavor only possible by following the age-old tradition of stoking a real, live fire – tended and hand-fed for over 18 hours with native Carolina oak. 

We believe our careful attention to detail, the long nights manning the fires, our love for the food and our craft, will result in a mouth-watering, belly-filling experience that is expressed in every bite. <br> <br> Everything we make is thoughtfully procured and carefully handled; guided by our mission to simply: “feed people how we would feed our own family.”

This means that all of our meat is free-roaming and pasture-raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics.